Jason Goh

Dr Jason Goh

MB, BCh, BA (Dublin), MD, CMedEd, FRCPI, FRCP (London), FEBG

Dr Goh graduated with honours from Trinity College Dublin and trained in Gastroenterology, Liver medicine and General Medicine in St. James Hospital and Mater Hospital in Dublin. His research work into endogenous anti-inflammatory braking signals in human models of intestinal inflammation under Professor Hugh Brady and Professor Padraic MacMathuna led to an M.D thesis awarded from University College Dublin in 2001. After serving as University lecturer in Gastroenterology and Clinical medicine at trinity College Dublin, he pursued a post-CCST fellowship at Addenbrooks Hospital at Cambridge. 

He was appointed as consultant gastroenterologist at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust in 2002. He is a nationally accredited bowel cancer screening colonoscopist and leads the bowel cancer screening programme at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. His interests include Inflammatory Bowel disease, bowel cancer screening, primary sclerosing cholangitis, constipation and medical education. He other roles include Honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham, postgraduate Clinical Tutor at University Hospital Birmingham, Royal College of Physician College Tutor, and associate editor of the World Journal of Gastroenterology.

Dr Goh has published on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, constipation, general Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He was recipient of the Astra Gold Medal in Gastroenterology in 2000 and JMS Doctor of the Year for best research in Gastroenterology in 2003.  In his spare time, Dr Goh pursues music, fitness, reading, film, travel, photography and gastronomy.

For appointment: 

Consulting suite,Priory Hospital                        Tel: 0121 4402323

Private Secretary:        Ms Pauline Smith         Tel: 0121 3714971

NHS secretary:             Ms Luann Assinder      Tel: 0121 3714985