About us

Modern practitioners are faced with an increasing variety of diseases presenting in a sometimes atypical fashion. Globalisation has consigned old patterns of disease presentation according to geography and race to the medical archives. To counter this, the provision of medical care needs to evolve. It is often not enough to rely on a sole practitioner without access to prompt multidisciplinary discussion when needed. For these reasons and more we chose to establish the Midland Gut Clinic. Comprising specialist gastrointestinal surgeons (who perform operations) and physicians (who specialise in non-surgical management), our group allows a 360o look at any gastrointestinal problem. We have practised together for 10 years at the University Hospital Birmingham cementing close working relationships.

The benefit of working as a team is a priceless and sometimes underestimated entity but we have found it facilitates instant communication and discussion amongst experts.. This leads to the optimal treatment plan for every patient from a gastroenterological and surgical perspective. There is overlap in surgical and gastroenterological practise with each side keeping the other up to date and informed. All our radiological investigations will also be performed by a radiologist with a special interest in gastro intestinal imaging.

We pride ourselves on transporting our ongoing team ethic at the University Hospital Birmingham to the private care setting ensuring the best in care always.