Be Clear on Cancer

The National Be Clear on Cancer campaign is running from 30th January to the end of March

Bowel cancer is one of the biggest cancer killers and there is much scope for improved outcomes. Over 90% of bowel cancer patients  diagnosed with the earliest stage of disease survive five years from diagnosis compared with only 6.6% of those diagnosed with advanced disease. Whilst survival rates for the more common cancers have improved significantly in recent years, England’s survival rates still lag behind the European average. It is estimated that 1,700 deaths could be avoided each year if our bowel cancer survival rates were as good as the best in Europe. Later diagnosisis seen as a key reason for the poorer survival rates.

If a person has loose poo or blood in their poo for more than 3 weeks they should seek medical advice, primarily with their GP who can advise as to whether further referral is appropriate.

 All the doctors and surgeons of the Midland Gut Clinic are experienced in investigating patients with these symtoms. It is likely that many will require a colonoscopy or, if this is not possible, X-ray imaging and this can be arranged rapidly and conveniently at the Priory Hospital or BMI Edgbaston.