Weight Loss

In a society that is becoming increasingly concerned about the health burden of obesity, it is perhaps a little ironic to worry about weight loss. However, this is a common complaint. There are many reasons why we lose weight: For example, deliberate weight loss through dieting and exercise and reduced calorie intake due to reduced appetite as a result of depression. Some hormonal conditions such as diabetes, an overactive thyroid gland or an underactive adrenal gland may cause weight loss. The inability to absorb nutrition due to diseases of the gut such as coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease also leads to weight loss. Many people are worried about cancer as a cause of weight loss. Malignancies such as lung cancer can produce a hormonal factor that results in dramatic weight loss that we often associate with sufferers of cancer. 

At the Midland Gut Clinic, we will make a full assessment of your clinical history and examination, and possibly combine this with blood tests, X-ray and endoscopic tests with an assessment by a dietitian, to arrive at a cause for weight loss. Quite often, no serious cause can be found and we can reassure the patient and help gain back the body weight with the help of a dietitian if appropriate.