Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is 3rd most common cancer overall. It is the second most common in women after breast cancer. It is the 2nd most common cause of cancer death in the UK. It affects about 1 in 20 people in the UK. 

Symptoms of bowel cancer are common and not specific.  Persistence of symptoms beyond six weeks should be checked.  These include rectal bleeding, change in bowel habit especially to more frequent and looseness. Other symptoms include those of anaemia (tiredness, shortness of breadth) and loss of weight. Just about 5% of those with symptoms of bowel disease actually have bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer screening reduces the risk of dying from bowel cancer by 16%   We offer colonoscopy (camera) for those at risk, persistent symptoms like bleeding, or those with family history or those that have reached the age of 60. We offer this to patients with insurance or who are self-paying. For those in whom colonoscopy is not possible for whatever reason, we will do an alternative, like CT colonography.